Coconut Creek Preschool

A growing chain of preschools offering the best in Early Childhood Education

A growing chain of preschools offering the best in Early Childhood Education

​* Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, VPK and After-care for elementary school age
* Monthly parent-teacher conferences
* Free VPK education with credentialed teachers. Full-day wrap-around at a nominal cost.
* Educating children through one of the most popular and proven curricula – The Creative Curriculum, Funny Daffer, and our very own proprietary curriculum, Advanced Enrichment.
* Unique quality assurance program allowing parents to evaluate teachers regularly
* Introduction to Spanish
* Advanced Enrichment programs
* Free, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
* Closed only 7 days a year, far fewer than other preschools so parents have child care when they have to work
* Complete video monitoring only by the office staff. No webcam access to outsiders to protect your child’s privacy.
* Drop-in Sitter Service, paid by the hour or by the day. Don’t have to find a sitter again.
* On-site person to keep the center perfectly clean at all times
* Sprawling playgrounds for ultimate fun and physical activity. At our urban locations, indoor playground providing the same physical development.

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At Coconut Creek Preschool, we believe in the power of discovery as a tool for growth and development in early childhood. Our philosophy embraces the many benefits of play-based learning. We understand that through play, children can learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs effectively to others. By engaging in interactive and imaginative play, children are provided with opportunities to express themselves freely and authentically, fostering emotional intelligence and empathy.

Moreover, play-based learning at our preschool extends a child’s attention span. This is achieved through the natural curiosity that children possess, making learning a fun and enjoyable process. In our secure and nurturing environment, they become more focused and engaged in their activities, promoting cognitive development and improving concentration skills.

We also value creativity, which is strongly stimulated in a play-based setting. Children at Coconut Creek Preschool are provided with diverse activities that challenge their minds and stimulate their imagination. Their creativity knows no bounds as they construct, design, and innovate within our learning environment. The process of discovery is endless, with new experiences and concepts introduced daily.

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Coconut Creek Preschool champions a unique approach to learning, harnessing the many benefits of play-based learning. In our preschool, children not only learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs but also to understand those of their peers. This cultivates strong social skills and emotional intelligence, forming the foundation for successful interpersonal relationships in the future.

The approach to learning at Coconut Creek Preschool seeks to extend a child’s attention span in a natural and engaging way. Our interactive activities capture the interest of the children, causing them to focus and absorb more information. As they learn through play, their innate curiosity and interest grow, resulting in a prolonged attention span that will benefit them in future academic pursuits.

Creativity is an essential skill in the 21st century, and our preschool is committed to nurturing this in every child. Through a variety of imaginative and stimulating activities, we foster an environment where creativity flourishes. Our secure environment encourages them to explore different avenues of thought, fueling innovative ideas and unique solutions.


At Coconut Creek Preschool, we provide a nurturing and safe environment where children can experience significant growth through play-based learning. We recognize that communication is a vital life skill, and so our programs and activities are designed to help children express their thoughts, feelings, and needs in a constructive and healthy manner. This foundational skill also enables them to better understand and connect with the world around them.

We value a child’s attention span as a critical asset for their academic and personal growth. By incorporating engaging and exciting play-based activities, we help extend their attention span, promoting intellectual curiosity and a love for learning. We believe that an attentive mind is a fertile ground for knowledge and skills to grow and prosper.

Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum, and we strive to cultivate it in each child at our preschool. By offering them a secure environment to explore, create, and innovate, we foster a sense of freedom and boldness in their creative endeavors. The ability to think outside the box is nurtured, equipping them with the tools they need to tackle new situations confidently, expanding their horizons, and leading to overall growth.

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