Brickell Heights Preschool

A growing chain of preschools offering the best in Early Childhood Education
​* Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, VPK and After-care for elementary school age
* Monthly parent-teacher conferences
* Free VPK education with credentialed teachers. Full-day wrap-around at a nominal cost.
* Educating children through one of the most popular and proven curricula – The Creative Curriculum, Funny Daffer, and our very own proprietary curriculum, Advanced Enrichment.
* Unique quality assurance program allowing parents to evaluate teachers regularly
* Introduction to Spanish
* Advanced Enrichment programs
* Free, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
* Closed only 7 days a year, far fewer than other preschools so parents have child care when they have to work
* Complete video monitoring only by the office staff. No webcam access to outsiders to protect your child’s privacy.
* Drop-in Sitter Service, paid by the hour or by the day. Don’t have to find a sitter again.
* On-site person to keep the center perfectly clean at all times
* Sprawling playgrounds for ultimate fun and physical activity. At our urban locations, indoor playground providing the same physical development.

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Engage in the immersive journey of discovery at Brickell Heights Preschool, where the doors to a world of creativity and innovation are flung wide open. We stand tall as a nurturing ground, keenly aware of the benefits of play-based learning. Our environment stimulates children, equipping them with essential tools that foster expression. In our dynamic landscape, children comfortably communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs, striking the chord of emotional intelligence.

As young minds actively engage in the world of play, they strengthen their attention span. This skill is not merely a foundation for academic achievement, but it also acts as a springboard for future successful interpersonal relationships. At Brickell Heights Preschool, we gently guide our students to enhance their focus through playful learning methods. This instills in them a love for learning, anchoring them firmly in the positive sphere of education.

Imagination, that precious resource nestled in every child, blossoms amidst the vibrant and playful aura of our preschool. As children uncover the magical realm of creative play, they inherently discover their surrounding environment. Our secure, nurturing setting is a canvas for them to paint their thoughts and emotions, promoting exploration and paving the way for a confident engagement with their world.

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Brickell Heights Preschool, a harbor of education, prides itself on recognizing the fundamental role of play-based learning in shaping a child’s growth. Every interaction is a learning opportunity, every moment, a stepping stone to unlocking the infinite potential housed in each child. Our philosophy revolves around encouraging children to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs – a cornerstone of emotional and social development.

Our preschool offers a rich tapestry of activities designed to lengthen a child’s attention span. From engaging story sessions to fun, interactive games, each initiative aims to capture their interest, fuel their curiosity, and foster deep, concentrated involvement. This focus on extending their attention span prepares them for the increasing cognitive demands of their onward educational journey.

Creativity forms the cornerstone of our educational pedagogy. At Brickell Heights Preschool, we provide opportunities for children to dip their toes into the ocean of imagination, enabling them to explore, invent, and create. Secure within our bounds, they confidently tackle novel situations, discover their surroundings, and learn from each experience, thereby gaining confidence in their abilities and sowing the seeds of a growth mindset.


Growth is an inevitable consequence of learning, and at Brickell Heights Preschool, it takes center stage. We champion the cause of play-based learning, fostering environments that promote holistic development. By encouraging children to freely express their thoughts, feelings, and needs, we help them grow into emotionally intelligent individuals.

Every activity we undertake aims at expanding a child’s attention span. This essential skill, fostered in their formative years, lays the foundation for their academic prowess and interpersonal relationships in later life. We firmly believe that a longer attention span is synonymous with a broader understanding of the world, better problem-solving abilities, and increased empathy towards others.

Creativity is the catalyst for cognitive, emotional, and social growth. When children are free to imagine and create, they engage with their world in a unique and profound way. They perceive, interpret, and make sense of their surroundings. At Brickell Heights Preschool, children are given the liberty to play and explore within a secure environment. Here, they can confidently face and overcome new situations, which allows them to discover their potential and inherent strengths.

Every challenge they surmount strengthens their resolve, every hurdle they leap over enhances their courage, and every new situation they encounter enriches their experience. As they navigate their journey, they grow, learning that they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible. At Brickell Heights Preschool, growth isn’t just about advancing to the next level, but also about building resilience, enhancing problem-solving skills, and developing a love for lifelong learning.

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