Boynton Beach Preschool

A growing chain of preschools offering the best in Early Childhood Education

A growing chain of preschools offering the best in Early Childhood Education

​* Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, VPK and After-care for elementary school age
* Monthly parent-teacher conferences
* Free VPK education with credentialed teachers. Full-day wrap-around at a nominal cost.
* Educating children through one of the most popular and proven curricula – The Creative Curriculum, Funny Daffer, and our very own proprietary curriculum, Advanced Enrichment.
* Unique quality assurance program allowing parents to evaluate teachers regularly
* Introduction to Spanish
* Advanced Enrichment programs
* Free, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
* Closed only 7 days a year, far fewer than other preschools so parents have child care when they have to work
* Complete video monitoring only by the office staff. No webcam access to outsiders to protect your child’s privacy.
* Drop-in Sitter Service, paid by the hour or by the day. Don’t have to find a sitter again.
* On-site person to keep the center perfectly clean at all times
* Sprawling playgrounds for ultimate fun and physical activity. At our urban locations, indoor playground providing the same physical development.

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At our Boynton Beach Preschool, we appreciate and embrace the idea of discovery through play-based learning. We understand that children don’t just play to entertain themselves but use play as a fundamental tool to understand their world. Play encourages children to communicate, expressing their thoughts, feelings, and needs to others in a manner that fosters development and growth.

We extend an open invitation to children to step into an atmosphere where they can safely explore and interact. This secure and stimulating environment is designed to enable kids to confidently tackle new situations, thus boosting their problem-solving skills. Our environment is designed to foster curiosity, urging children to discover their surroundings in a uniquely interactive way.

Through this process of exploration, children are learning without even realizing it. They come to understand social cues, engage in role-playing, improve their language skills, and even develop mathematical understanding. Discovery, in the context of play-based learning, is not just about learning facts; it’s about acquiring skills to learn, adapt and thrive.

Boca Raton Preschool
Boca Raton Preschool Children Learning


In the heart of Boynton Beach Preschool, learning isn’t confined to textbooks and recitations; instead, it’s encouraged through play-based activities. Play is the natural language of children, and through this, they develop their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. These interactive play sessions enable children to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs more effectively and creatively.

Our aim is to lengthen children’s attention span through stimulating activities, encouraging active participation rather than passive listening. This shift in focus from traditional learning methods promotes a deeper understanding and improved retention of information. Children are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, to embrace new situations, and to explore their surroundings.

We provide a safe environment, where children can freely navigate and examine their world. The confidence gained from independent exploration promotes self-esteem, builds resilience, and cultivates a love for learning. We believe that learning is an adventurous journey, where each discovery is a stepping stone towards further knowledge and growth.


Boynton Beach Preschool is a nurturing ground for growth. We champion play-based learning, acknowledging that through play, children learn to communicate, to empathize, and to explore. This exposure helps them to lengthen their attention span, as they delve into activities that captivate their interest and ignite their creativity.

Children are invited to freely explore our secure environment. The confidence that comes from tackling new situations and challenges, both independently and collaboratively, is instrumental in their growth process. We encourage children to become active agents of their learning, to question, to think critically, and ultimately to grow.

This journey of growth is not just about the acquisition of knowledge, but the development of lifelong skills. These skills are nurtured through play and exploration, fostering creativity, curiosity, and courage in the face of new experiences. In essence, Boynton Beach Preschool is not merely a place for children to learn; it is a place for them to grow.

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Kids at Boca Raton Preschool
Boca Raton Preschool Playground
Kids playing at Boca Raton Preschool