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​* Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, VPK and After-care for elementary school age
* Monthly parent-teacher conferences
* Free VPK education with credentialed teachers. Full-day wrap-around at a nominal cost.
* Educating children through one of the most popular and proven curricula – The Creative Curriculum, Funny Daffer, and our very own proprietary curriculum, Advanced Enrichment.
* Unique quality assurance program allowing parents to evaluate teachers regularly
* Introduction to Spanish
* Advanced Enrichment programs
* Free, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks
* Closed only 7 days a year, far fewer than other preschools so parents have child care when they have to work
* Complete video monitoring only by the office staff. No webcam access to outsiders to protect your child’s privacy.
* Drop-in Sitter Service, paid by the hour or by the day. Don’t have to find a sitter again.
* On-site person to keep the center perfectly clean at all times
* Sprawling playgrounds for ultimate fun and physical activity. At our urban locations, indoor playground providing the same physical development.

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Children are born explorers, natural scientists brimming with curiosity. At Boca Raton Preschool, we recognize the power of play-based learning, an innovative approach that integrates play into the educational setting. It is through play that children learn how to communicate effectively, articulating their thoughts, feelings, and needs to others. This dynamic process not only aids in developing social skills but also empowers them to express themselves, fostering a healthy emotional growth trajectory.

In our secure, nurturing environment, children are encouraged to engage in play that stimulates their imagination and prompts them to investigate and explore. The freedom to play independently allows children to tackle new situations with confidence and resilience, gradually instilling in them a sense of self-assurance. As they navigate their surroundings and respond to different scenarios, they are unknowingly honing their problem-solving skills, which play a crucial role in their intellectual growth.

Boca Raton Preschool
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At the heart of our learning model lies the profound understanding that education is not merely about accumulating knowledge; it is also about developing the capacity to think critically and creatively. Play-based learning facilitates such cognitive development, enhancing children’s attention span and promoting their ability to concentrate, thereby preparing them for more structured learning environments as they grow.

At Boca Raton Preschool have designed a diverse range of interactive activities that stimulate their intellectual curiosity and inspire them to ask questions, fostering an intrinsic love for learning. These carefully crafted experiences provide the platform for children to construct knowledge at their own pace, paving the way for lifelong learning.


The growth of a child is not merely confined to physical development but extends to their emotional, social, and intellectual maturity. Through our play-based learning approach, we aim to create a holistic growth environment for children. Each activity they engage in contributes to their overall development, instilling a sense of responsibility, perseverance, and resilience in the face of new challenges.

We believe that every child is unique, and our role is to nurture these individual strengths, helping each child grow into a well-rounded individual. Our secure environment at Boca Raton Preschool acts as a safe space where children can confidently express their ideas, negotiate with peers, and, most importantly, learn from their mistakes, transforming them into opportunities for growth.

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Imagine the joy your child will experience through our Drop-in Service. Our Advanced Enrichment classes at Boca Raton Preschool are designed for 3 and 4-year olds, and we also offer Funny Daffer curriculum lesson plans for all ages. Whether your child is enrolled in our regular preschool program or only attends sporadically as a drop-in, we guarantee they will receive the same quality education and engaging activities.

We have a broad spectrum of activities that promote diverse learning experiences, ranging from science experiments to language lessons, ensuring every child finds an activity that sparks their curiosity and passion. We see our Drop-in service as an opportunity for your child to socialize and learn new skills, contributing to their overall development and well-being.


Boca Raton Preschool take immense pride in our strong ties to the community, recognizing that our schools are not isolated institutions but integral parts of the fabric that make up our neighborhoods. At the heart of our community engagement efforts are various initiatives designed to uplift and provide resources to those we serve. One such initiative is our unique scholarship program, a testament to our commitment to provide access to quality education for all children, irrespective of their economic circumstances.

Our scholarship program is a beacon of hope for many families, ensuring that a lack of financial resources does not hinder a child’s access to education and growth opportunities. It’s a reflection of our belief that every child deserves a quality education that nourishes their potential, sparking their innate curiosity, and paving the way for lifelong learning.

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Boca Raton Preschool Summer Camp

Summer Camp

As the school year draws to a close at Boca Raton Preschool, our unique Jetsetters Summer Camp emerges as a beacon of joy for parents and children alike. More than just a traditional summer camp, Jetsetters offers a perfect blend of fun, excitement, and learning, ensuring that the summer break is both enjoyable and educationally fruitful for every child.

This 10-week program by Boca Raton Preschool is not just an ordinary summer getaway, but an exciting expedition that takes children around the globe without leaving our preschool. Each week, a new country is explored, sparking curiosity, broadening horizons, and fueling a love for learning. Children don’t just learn about different cultures, languages, histories, and landmarks, they immerse themselves in them, transforming abstract ideas into tangible, meaningful experiences.

One of the pillars of the Jetsetters Summer Camp is our commitment to fostering an appreciation for global diversity. Children journey through various countries, exploring each one’s unique characteristics. As they “travel,” they get the opportunity to understand the world’s wonderful diversity, and the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and languages that make up our global community. This exposure, we believe, is integral to nurturing open-minded, compassionate global citizens who respect and value differences.

Integrating education with entertainment, our camp offers hands-on science experiments tailored to each country’s unique environmental aspects. For instance, while exploring the rainforests of Brazil, children might engage in an experiment that demonstrates the importance of these ecosystems, fostering an early appreciation for environmental conservation.

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